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After our forum, the candidates were given additional questions which were either: not asked due to time constraints, or asked by the audience…..Here are their answers….

Rahsaan Dunn

Amy Machgan

Rachel Henderson

Mr. Kelly has not responded.

BDCRG is hosting a Candidate Forum


Neighborhood Watch Flyer


Press Release – Another Burglary – Another Arrest


Press Release – Burglars Caught



Assessments are Coming

If you haven’t already gotten your letter – assessments are coming – and know they will be coming inside your home so they can “properly” rate its value. Make sure you read the backside – if you deny them access – they will rate it as they see fit – and you give up the right to appeal. I just hope they can get past my 90 lb dog…..I won’t deny them access – but my dog might!


North Shore School Taxes


Voter turnout high in North Shore


Refinancing referendum passes in Brown Deer


Public weighs in on overpass at Green Bay and Brown Deer roads


Brown Deer may get Goodwill


Refinance Referendum


Brown Deer seeks refinancing


Brown Deer to buy American Site